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Draaideurbugs die komen en gaan

Als tester kom je onverwachte bugs tegen, dat is vanzelfsprekend. Je ziet
kleine, onbelangrijke bugs, kleine bugs die later toch een groot probleem blijken te zijn, spookachtige bugs die op een onverklaarbare wijze weer verdwijnen, draaideurbugs die komen en gaan. En zo af en toe kom je een bug tegen die er eigenlijk niet had moeten zijn.

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Getting coverage reports with .NET Core

Code coverage calculates the percentage of code that is covered by automated (unit) tests. And unit tests are important to ensure ongoing code quality and predictability in our software. Code coverage reports help investigate how well our software development is doing by showing us that percentage. But we know all this right? Tests are important, so test coverage is also important 🙂

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Van Baarn naar Tokio: Prioritering

Door Carmen In Sponsoring

Sponsorship rolstoeltennisster Marjolein Buis
Wij sponsoren Marjolein nu een paar maanden en we hebben aan haar gevraagd om een blog te schrijven over prioritering. Marjolein behandelt in haar blog vooral de prioritering tussen privé en de druk om te presteren. Bij Marjolein heeft ‘presteren’ de betekenis van trainingen en wedstrijden, bij ons heeft ‘presteren’ de betekenis van onze werkuitdagingen. Michel Flens (CEO VX Company): “Ik herken daarin dat communiceren over je dilemma’s met prioriteren en keuzes maken, anderen laten weten waarmee je worstelt, heel erg helpt in zo’n situatie. In situaties dat de privé-offers of werkdruk even teveel worden, deel het met mensen om je heen. Dan sta je er niet alleen voor, kom je er samen beter doorheen en het voelt een stuk beter. Overigens, dit lukt mij ook niet altijd even goed, maar het klopt wél!”

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Verifiable Claims for Digital identity

Having an international digital identity, become the owner of your own personal data and become less reliant on third parties. These are some of the promises that Blockchain wants to deliver, but how? Verifiable Claims might be the concept that empowers Blockchain technology to do all that and more!

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Module for searching your full PowerShell command history

By default the Get-History cmdlet only returns lines from your current session. Therefore I’ve created a small module that gets history items from your full history, by default the most recent 4096 commands.
It features an easy search option and a few switches for case sensitivit and uniqueness.

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IOTA Deepdive #2: Future Proof

The Internet of Things is expected to consist of 30 billion connected devices by 2020. How would a distributed ledger ever be able to handle such a large scale of transactions, while running on low-end devices? In this blog, I will continue my explanation on how IOTA is planning to improve the maximum throughput of the system to scale towards mass adoption.

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IOTA: Improving your confirmation rate

The IOTA network concludes that a transaction is permanent when enough other transactions are directly or indirectly confirming it. Every transaction must confirm two older transactions, therefore the network benefits from a higher transaction rate, which is why dedicated users have decided to help the network by spamming transactions. In this blog, I will introduce an hypothesis about why the current spam might reduce the confirmation rate of other transactions and how you can overcome this when you build an application on top of IOTA and how the community could try and improve the confirmation rate.

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IOTA’s Qubic explained #2

After the teaser on the 3rd of May, the IOTA Foundation has now revealed the full meaning behind the long-awaited Qubic project. In my previous blog, I explained the individual components that were teased: Oracles, Smart Contracts, and Outsourced Computation. The explanations still hold true as the details of Qubic seem to work as I assumed. However, a lot more information has come to light about the implementation details of Qubic. The concepts are very hard to understand, but in this blog, I will try and explain it in an easy to follow way.

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