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Blockchain Fundamentals and Smart Contracts training (EN)

A single day introduction course - by Jelle Millenaar

Dutch version

Do you wonder about the potential use of Blockchain technology in your business? Are you curious if there is any merit to the Blockchain hype? In this course, you learn how Blockchain technology works and how it can be applied at your company.

During this single day course, you will get a basic understanding of Blockchain technology. You will get introduced to the inner workings behind Blockchain and what properties each component adds to the system. We will also discuss the latest developments in the industry and the different kinds of Blockchain platforms, and when to use them. After this course, you will understand why Blockchain may change many industries in the nearby future. You will also be able to argue why Blockchain is or isn’t useful for your own applications.


What will be covered?

Introduction to Blockchain

  • The start of Bitcoin
  • Cryptography 101 (without math)
  • Introduction to the Blockchain Technology
  • Consensus Mechanisms (mining)

Introduction to Smart Contract

  • Introduction to the Ethereum Blockchain
  • What is a Smart Contract?
  • New business models
  • Limitations and regulations

Blockchain Platforms

  • Public & private Blockchains
  • Permissioned & permissionless Blockchains
  • Introduction van Hyperledger Fabic Blockchain
  • Introduction to IOTA


Target audience

This course is for anyone who has an interest in Blockchain and Smart Contracts. After the course, you will understand how Blockchain might be an addition to your applications. No IT, Blockchain or mathematical knowledge is required to be able to follow this course.


This course starts with the very basics of Blockchain and goes through all the aspects that make Blockchain. You can follow this course without any prior knowledge of programming, mathematics or Blockchain. The course is best for people who want to research the use of Blockchain in their company or for customers. This course is also the perfect start for those who consider a career in Blockchain.

In-house training

We also provide the course to companies in an in-house setting on location. You can contact our Innovation Consultant, Jelle Millenaar via jmillenaar@vxcompany.com or 06 81 21 72 84.


Everything in the course will be provided in English. We encourage questions, brainstorming and group discussions during the course. You will also experiment with a few useful Blockchain tools and Smart contracts online, which is why a laptop with Google Chrome is required.


Jelle Millenaar 529×529@4x

Jelle Millenaar

Innovation Consultant

Datums & tijden

Over deze training

  • 794,- per participant
  • VX Company, Baarn
  • One day (09.00-17.00 uur)
  • Bekijk data


  • 794,- per participant
  • VX Company, Baarn
  • One day (09.00-17.00 uur)

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