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Module for searching your full PowerShell command history

By default the Get-History cmdlet only returns lines from your current session. Therefore I’ve created a small module that gets history items from your full history, by default the most recent 4096 commands.
It features an easy search option and a few switches for case sensitivit and uniqueness.

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Removing SP App Principals through PowerShell

PowerShell support for SharePoint Add-ins is very minimal. A limitation I ran into today is that you can use PowerShell to register an App Principal, or to retrieve one, but deleting the principal is not possible.

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Powershell script for retrieving stored wireless passwords

On W10 it is trivially easy to retrieve stored passwords for wireless netwerk. I cobled the following script together to store the passwords before a migration. Note that this assumes an English version of Windows, on some machines you may need to modify the ‘User Profiles’ and ‘Key Content’ strings.

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Change password in nested RDP session

Just documenting two methods that work, since I’m tired of googling this every few months:

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Downloading from MSDN and Microsoft with Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer on Windows Server (2012) is locked down. In an attempt to make the browser more secure, scripts downloaded from untrusted domains can not be executed. This makes downloading the software you need to install on the server difficult.

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