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PDF to plain text, please

BLOB-stored PDF’s can be indexed using Oracle Text using the AUTO_FILTER. This filter can also be applied when just converting the PDF to plain text. You don’t need an index in that case. However, this eats-all-type filter might be missing out on specific PDF documents, even if the PDF version in combination with its security settings are supported. What are the alternatives…

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Where did I read about that?

looking for something?

Suppose you own more than a few documents you more or less know the contents of, like a set of copies from the Oracle Documentation. At times, you’re looking for more reading about a certain topic but aren’t sure which of these documents to search for.

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Humble SQL

For those who love maths, there’s no escape. In his pleasantly entertaining style, Matt Parker has conquered the world’s stages. Many an after-dinner talk has been cheered up by his show which mixes up jokes on math with actual mathematical knowledge. On a more abstract level, the book is about sharing what can be learned from mistakes. Do find more about him on his Stand-Up Maths Youtube channel.

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The Winner Takes It All from A3Ba

This article is about sorting and min-max aggregations on character data. When sorting matters, you end your query with an order by. You might think that if you’re sorting on character data, the first value listed would equal the aggregated minimum, and the last value listed would equal the aggregated maximum.

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How your editor treats a backslash

This post is about escaping in Notepad++, escaping from what is commonly called a backslash. It is a typographic mark also denoted by a reverse slash or backslant, among others . When coding, many programming languages recognize this special character as a token to signal the compiler to treat the character following the backslash either normally ( if it would be treated specially when not preceded by the backslash ) or specially ( if it would otherwise be treated normally).

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For counting out loud

When a whole number needs conversion to a fully spelled out format, the wellknown J/JSP “tric” is readily found. Well, in case, you didn’t, here it is. No, it has nothing to do with Java Server Pages.

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Function call containing out parameters in SQL

You have a procedure or function returning computed values in out parameters. And you’d like to call it in SQL. How’s that done?

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Taming outbound call rate

Suppose you are the developer of a database service which can be called any number of times. This database service itself just registers the call, and is allowed to immediately make an outbound call to another service, for example to enhance information presented by the initial inbound call.

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