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Selenium tests in parallel

Developers often write “Selenium tests” which, after a while, become too slow. rnLet’s look at how to fix that!

Selenium is an automated testing framework to test applications via a web browser (see https://www.selenium.dev/). Other forms of automated testing like unit testing only test one part of an application whereas Selenium tests the whole application – frontend and backend combined. This is a great feature because it proves that the application works in the same way that user access it.rnrnWith automated tests running as part of a continuous integration environment, stakeholders can be more confident that the application has a high quality with few bugs. More and more automated tests mean fewer manual tests are needed before deploying each release to production, which therefore speeds up the application’s time to production.


Selenium tests are a great way to automatically test your application. Unfortunately, they can become too slow. Speed them up by running them in parallel. Problem solved.