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Speaking at Techorama Netherlands 2019

October 1st, Pamela and I will be speaking at the Techorama Event in the Netherlands. We hope to see you there!

Microsoft and Java, a love story

We are not talking about a summer love or a head over heels thing here: this is unconditional true love. Pamela and Yuri will share their take on this modern Romeo and Juliette love story between two former rivals. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, though a tragedy, is considered the epitome of a love story. Our story today does not qualify as a tragedy but can be considered as an era defining love story. As the stage sets and the plot unfolds, we will see a demonstration of Microsofts continued commitment to support Java developers with powerful tools and services.

  • Java is re-inventing itself, getting all new and exciting features, making it easy to implement alongside with .NET Core.
  • Microsoft Azure is an open cloud, supporting all kinds of frameworks, tools and workloads. It  provides some serious tools for building and releasing your Java or JVM based software.
  • Microsoft runs the perfect cloud platform for Java workloads.
  • Azure Monitoring will provide you with the needed metrics and insights to run even the most critical Java based enterprise stacks.

And as a bonus, we will build a fully functional pipeline during the session. Because nothing says “I love you” more than a CI/CD pipeline!


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