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Does your organization still remain satisfied with the working of your custom-made IT landscape, even though it is slightly outdated? Are you always looking to innovate and renew your IT landscape, but have some reservations as regards to the complexity and extent of such an endeavor? Are you still 100% able to use your functionalities as you need or would like to have them? Or, perhaps, you have an upcoming challenge in the management of your application/system? At VX Company, we can support you by managing and monitoring your IT systems, so that you can focus on looking ahead. Our strength is our qualitative and dependable approach, enabling you to be secure in the proceedings and bring focus elsewhere.

Management of complex, dated IT systems

During many years VX Company has built up a repertoire of experience in the operational, tactical and strategic levels of management of OpenVMS- and Linux systems. Based on a customized SLA we take on your software “as is”. We conform ourselves to your operating procedures and system set-up and can offer you our ticket and monitoring system. In case you prefer it that we adhere to the IT environments of your organization, that is also possible ! Finally, we can monitor your IT landscape from our Linux Cloud. Additionally, we manage the Linux release deployments.

Since its founding over 35 years ago, in 1988, VX Company has specialized in the operating system OpenVMS (Virtual Memory System) and the VAX VIA development tools. OpenVMS and the VAX computer were initially launched in 1978 by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). In 1992, further steps were taken with the launching of a new computerline based on the Alpha processor, followed by an OpenVMS version for the Intel Itanium processor. In the beginning VX Company was named VX8000, referencing to the Digital VAX 8000 computer.

For some time, the VAX, Alpha and Itanium hardware are no longer being produced. In the event that your company prefers to continue working with the OpenVMS, Solaris and/or TRU64 environments;  hardware virtualization is thé solution by employing Charon and/or AVTware software. Unlike DEC, the OpenVMS software is still very much fit for purpose with unparalleled performance and TCO. Testimonial to that is our cooperation with VMS Software Inc. (VSI), enabling us to deliver an OpenVMS version on the popular X86 platform.

In addition to the management of OpenVMS systems, the management of current Linux variants is also a part of our portfolio.

In practice

Are you looking for short-term of long-term expertise of OpenVMS and/or Linux? Our experts are (co-)responsible for the management of various complex IT systems including for, but not limited to, the “Raad voor de Rechtspraak” (Council for the Judiciary), “Openbaar Ministerie” (Public Prosecution Service) and the “UWV” (governmental Netherlands Employees Insurance Agency). We provide round the clock monitoring and access to the Cloud, so that your applications remain available, dependable and scalable.

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